tim halcomb
i play bass guitar and i am older than dirt. i am the only member that
has been in a band that put out a 45 rpm single. i grew up (or tried to)
in madison indiana and played in various bands from madison to indy to
cincy area. old band names include night sky (my first bar band)
spitfire, nickel slick (the 45 band), city kids, spanky lee, rick
clayton and the lost prophets, rhino ivory and the monkey paws,
mr. popular, greg foresman band (still going) and finally to
the rain chorus.

i had met danny a few times and i thought if i move to louisville maybe
i could have a better chance to play with him. i enjoy each and every
night on stage with these guys and as long as that keeps happening and
the songs keep coming this is where i would like to stay.
my lovely wife anne and our stuffed dog boner (down boy) live in
sellersburg, in. by day i am a mild mannered trim carpenter (a job i
love). i keep my hair long and about every 10 or 15 years i am in style
again. (i'm waiting)

thanks for checking us out.